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"THE BEST!!! I found Tuula and Pilates Wise after not really getting better with conventional physical therapy. I had a complicated recovery after a lengthy 4 month stint in a cast after an Achilles tear and repair. I was still limping quite a bit and was in despair thinking I would never be able to walk "normal" again. Tuula is extremely bright and knowledgeable about body mechanics and anatomy and her rehabilitation plan and exercises have strengthened the muscles I need to walk normal again! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking therapy after injuries, or just wanting to strengthen muscles and core and become more flexible. She truly is amazing!! and definitely worth every penny for sure!! I look forward to every session with her because of the amazing results I have seen :) . So, don't wait another day, make an appointment with her and you will see for yourself!" - MD, Maggie Gama, San Marcos

"Tuula has a rare combination of extensive experience & knowledge in PT and Pilates. She is truly a rare find! On top of this her European approach to patient care is very personal and friendly - unlike any I have experienced in 100's of hours of PT before. I have 20+ years experience trying many different modalities in conventional and alternative treatments for recovery and pain from 3 surgeries. Lastly she loves her work and does not charge an arm and a leg like most other treatments I have tried before".- Kevin Krause, Carlsbad 

"Tuula is simply the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. She helped me get my core strength back postpartum, after having stomach muscle separation and lots of hip/back/pelvis pain during pregnancy. She is a skilled professional with a deep understanding of the body and that means she can tailor exercises to you and your issues, rather than just give generic instructions like you would get in a generic Pilates class. I improved more in a few months of sessions with her than I ever have in any Pilates setting before, and I have been doing Pilates for quite a few years now. She is also a straight up lovely person and a pleasure to see once a week". - Emily Crocer, Carlsbad

"I have been living with sciatic pain since March of this year. I've tried several options and remedies to eliminate the daily pain. One day my wife gave me the phone number for Tuula and told me (ordered me) to go and see her for pain relief. I liked the fact very much that she has experience in both pilates and physical therapy. I started working with Tuula and found that I do not have to take pain medication anymore and that my pain became manageable. She explained proper postures and breathing techniques and constantly made sure that my unused muscles start working again in order to get to favorable results. Tuula was always so confident and caring and never lost focus that her goal is to help me to get back to my pain-free life. I am very satisfied with her knowledge and expertise when it comes to human anatomy. Please, go see her, she will help you!!" - Laszlo Garamszegi, Mission Viejo

"Tuula' s in-depth knowledge of human physiology as well as many years experience as a physical therapist makes her well equipped to deal with many different pain and rehabilitation problems. I found her intense focus on every movement, breathing and posture during every minute in training very helpful. Tuula is very caring and client centered and puts her vast knowledge to work to help each client get the maximum benefit from the time spent training with her." - Anna M., Encinitas

"I have been taking Pilates and physical therapy from Tuula for 4 years now.  She has helped me tremendously with my pain, strength, mobility, balance and positive attitude. (Constant pain makes your brain hurt too)  I saw her pre and post surgery for a discectomy, lumbar and cervical fusion. I like her "Pain=No Gain" philosophy.  She is from Finland so a lot of her education does not translate to the U.S but I find her much more educated than most physical therapists I have encountered.  She has an attention to detail and also a compassionate personality that is important when you are in pain. My husband and son also saw her for and got great results. I would not hesitate to see Tuula if you are suffering any type of physical pain, I truly believe she can help you". -Laura Miller, Carlsbad

"Pilateswise is just the best. I was lucky enough to find Tuula when I chose a Pilates Studio in North County. I have had a number of medical problems in the last 4 years - a mastectomy, a partial knee replacement and back surgery that required a fusion. So, I was cautious in what I could do to get my strength and shape back. Tuula is a joy to work with - she has a wonderful laugh and a warm personality that makes me look forward to each session with her. I am also blessed that she is so well trained in PT as she is able to spot all my weaknesses and works with me to improve my flexibility and range of motion. I have only been going to her for about a month - twice a week but am already seeing incredible changes in my body and my energy. She is wonderful -- do yourself a favor and get to know her. You'll be glad you did".- Doreen Clifton, Carlsbad

"After relocating to Carlsbad, I was fortunate enough to find Tuula and Pilateswise in Carlsbad. I struggle with SI-joint dysfunction and she has helped me tremendously. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and rehabilitation. Her prior experience with si-joint hypermobility and lower back pain make me feel that I am in good hands. She provides numerous strengthening techniques which protect the lower back while strengthening the muscles supporting it. She monitors every move making sure to keep your body in a safe and proper alignment so you can strengthen the proper way. Her attentiveness is exceptional and I feel that she is getting me better! She takes the time to understand the specifics of your body and will tailor exercises to your specific needs. She also does a lot of reading and researching to address your problems and I appreciate all the time she has dedicated to me." - Jessica Pisegna, Carlsbad

"I have been doing Pilates for several years now and have had 7 different Pilates teachers. Tuula is by far the BEST TEACHER I have ever had. She was a physical therapist in Finland and is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body. I have an autoimmune disease which causes severe pain in my hip joint. Tuula has shown me so many different exercises to strengthen the weak muscles that I have. By strengthening the weak muscles my pain level has gone down. Tulla is always willing to explain the countless questions that I have. She has a very cheerful personality and always has a smile on her face. The Pilates training of most Pilates teachers is limited and really doesn't cover the many different problems that people may have such as severe back pain, herniated discs, neck problems, arthritis etc, etc. With Tuula's knowledge of the human body she knows how to deal with all of these ailments. She is always studying to learn even more. I would not hesitate in wholeheartedly suggesting you give her a call today."- Kate Martin, Carlsbad

"I've have a series of injuries to my C-spine, L-Spine, hip and had a number of concussions from snowboarding making coordination hard at times from restricted movement, flexibility and pain. I started working with Tuula and while the first week was rough (always is with activity now), in 3 weeks I went from about 8% coordination, strength and flexibility to about 80% of what I should be with hardly any pain. The difference is her background in physical therapy, injuries and other various diseases. She wasn't just handed a pilates certificate, she has a medical background and a broad understanding of the body and how to really tailor and make pilates work for you - whatever your case may be. She can work with a variety of issues, and even significantly help Parkinson's (my Dad went to her as well). If you need help with coordination, mobility, injuries and recovery, this is the place to go."- Heidi Harken, Carlsbad

"I went to Tuula after seeing a couple of different physical therapists who said I needed to strengthen and stabilize my back. I choose her because of her background in physical therapy. She took the time to be sure to understand my capabilities and did not just give me the same set of exercises that everyone gets when they say they have a bad back. After about a month I felt like my core was getting stronger, and I was gaining more awareness of my movement patterns and posture. Tuula always checks to be sure the exercises are right for you, she is a patient instructor and I never felt rushed or insignificant."- Keri McNamara, Oceanside

"Tuula is amazing! I interviewed many North County Pilates instructors and chose to work with Tuula. Her physical therapy background and knowledge on how to strengthen the body without impacting the injured area made her an obvious choice for me. I'd had a serious neck injury in the previous 6 months and I needed core strength to help my recovery without risking additional injury to my neck. Additionally, I had old knee, ankle and spine injuries that Tuula has worked around. She's worked very carefully with me over the past 6 months to strengthen not only my core, but to correct very old imbalances in my body due to childhood knee injuries. She's worked with my my fear of additional injury to bring me to a point of confidence in myself again. I now have more strength and confidence in my body than I've had since childhood and I now have increased awareness of how I move throughout the day, which helps to further increase my stability and strength. Tuula' is very thorough and professional, while also being kind and supportive. She's a great instructor for anyone looking to increase strength and confidence in their body - and essential for anyone who's working around injuries."- Stephanie K., Carlsbad

"I have been in extreme pain. I was diagnosed by one doctor with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto-immune disease, and Fibromyalgia Syndrome by another. I am still not sure which disease I have but I know that in either case careful exercising and stretching are the keys to managing my pain and hopefully getting better. Pilates is a perfect fit because it provides the exercising and stretching and helps to strengthen the muscles needed to improve and maintain a good posture. However, you can't just walk into any pilates class with similar conditions because your exercises need to take into consideration your pain and diagnosis.Pilateswise provides exactly what I need. They take the time to understand my condition and current pain levels first and then adjust the set of exercises to make sure pilates is helping, not hurting, my condition. In addition, the extra time they spend making sure I understood how to perform each exercise to maximize its benefit is outstanding. I've had some pilates instructions in other places and it just does not compare.If you are suffering with pain or just need to fix your posture, this is the place for sure!" - Tom Kavanaugh, Encinitas