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Rehab Pilates & Physical Post-Rehabilitation Training 


Orthopedic Post Physical Therapy and Rehab in Carlsbad

Physiowise offers Post-Rehabilitation program for people with orthopedic issues (knee, hip, ankle, shoulder and spine problems) and sport injuries. The program is designed for those who have completed physical therapy but not yet fully recovered or for those who are interested in achieving the next level of strength, flexibility, mobility, range-of-motion, health and overall well-being.
As a Physiotherapist, Tuula has over 15 years of experience in rehabilitation of numerous orthopedic dysfunctions & pains and sport & overuse injuries. Now she can help you by combining her excessive knowledge about anatomy, body mechanics, muscle & joint dysfunctions, and exercise therapy intervention for your Pilates training.


PhysioWise Post Rehabilitation program in focus is on correcting muscle imbalances, compensation patterns, and faulty muscle recruitment which may cause pain and injury in the first place. The program is designed for your specific needs and conditions and it is gradually progressive.
PilatesWise Clinical Pilates program has successfully helped people with Orthopedic issues and Sport injuries such as
- Neck pain and injury
- Shoulder pain and injury (Rotator cuff syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder joint instability, Impingement syndrome)
- Knee Pain & Injury (Runners' knee, IT-band syndrome, Post-Rehab after arthroscopic surgery for ACL reconstruction & meniscus tear, knee replacement)
- Hip pain & Injury (Hip Bursitis, Labrum tear, hip osteoarthritis, post-rehab after hip replacement)

Why Sport Injuries Prevention is important?
Injuries do not happen overnight. Many injuries may actually be caused by faulty body biomechanics, muscle imbalance, body misalignment, poor performance technique, repetitive motion, and wear and tear. The sport and overuse injuries can be completely eliminated by well-designed conditioning program which focuses on proper biomechanics, muscle balance, proper muscle recruitment, core strength, and stability. 

Core strength is a vital component of any injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sport performance program. A strong, stable core and spine provides a dynamic link between upper and lower body. It also alleviates excess stress from the peripheral joints. All Pilates movements engage your deep core stabilizer muscles and provide you solid foundation to generate your strength for your sport. Pilates movements also improve biomechanical efficiency and muscular balance along with increasing proprioceptive awareness.  

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