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If you are seeking safe and effective Pilates training to get in shape, improve golf swing, recover from injuries or relieve the low back pain, PilatesWise is your Studio!

PilatesWise is not your typical Pilates Studio.....We are also offering Clinical Pilates

PilatesWise is the only studio in San Diego North County which is offering Clinical Pilates for Back Pain, Orthopedic problems and Neurological issues.

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What is Clinical Pilates?
Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise guided by Physiotherapist for rehabilitation and prevention of injury. It is an adaptation of original Pilates method, incorporating current scientific knowledge and physiotherapy expertise.

In PilatesWise, your Certified Pilates Instructor is also a trained and skilled Physiotherapist. The owner, Tuula, has an extensive physiotherapist education with over 15 years of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation experience in Finland. She is trained to combine Pilates methods with her in-dept knowledge of anatomy, physiology, body bio-mechanics and exercise intervention.

"My goal is to provide a caring and supportive environment to achieve a better balanced and functioning body without pain....no pain is all gain at the PilatesWise studio." Tuula, the owner of PilatesWise

Learn more about Tuula's client-tailored programs and special small group classes:

» Pilates for Fitness and Pilates for Seniors
» SpinePilates - Clinical Pilates for Back Pain Rehabilitation & Prevention (These program is designed and suitable for  almost all back pain sufferers)
» OrthoPilates - Clinical Pilates for Orthopedic and Sport Injury Recovery & Prevention (hip, knee, shoulder, neck issues,injuries and pain)
» NeuroPilates - Clinical Pilates for Neurological Disorder Rehabilitation & Exercise

» Small Group Classes - Mat Pilates modified for everyone but especially designed people with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Chronic Back Pain 

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Please note: Clinical Pilates is not covered by Insurance!

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"Tuula' s in-depth knowledge of human physiology as well as many years experience as a physical therapist makes her well equipped to deal with many different pain and rehabilitation problems. I found her intense focus on every movement, breathing and posture during every minute in training very helpful. Tuula is very caring and client centered and puts her vast knowledge to work to help each client get the maximum benefit from the time spent training with her."
- Anna M., Encinitas