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Pilates & Physical Post-Rehabilitation Training (Clinical Pilates)

Post-Rehabilitation program for people with orthopedic and neurological issues and pain (knee, hip, ankle, shoulder problems, MS, Parkinson disease etc.) and sport injuries. The program is designed for those who are completed physical therapy but not yet fully recovered or for those who are interested in achieving the next level of strength, flexibility, mobility, range-of-motion, health and overall well-being.


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Got low back pain? Sciatica Pain?Do you want to know how to get rid of your lower back pain and relief sciatica? Did you know that the active forms of back exercises are almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine & back and help alleviate back pain. Our back pain relief therapy training has been helping to treat and relief many clients low back pain This unique training is based on science and many years experience.


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PilatesWise is not your typical Pilates studio!


Back  Pain Therapy with Spinal stabilization training and Pilates

If you are seeking safe and effective Pilates training to get in shape, improve golf swing, recover from injuries or program to relieve your lower back and sciatica pain, PILATESWISE IS YOUR STUDIO IN CARLSBAD! Besides Pilates for Fitness ​we are also offering Post Physical Rehabilitation Training (Clinical Pilates). ​Our certified Pilates instructor is also a trained and skilled Physiotherapist.

Pilates is a mind and body exercise method that promotes muscles & joints flexibility, strength, mobility and stability and helps to create a well-balanced, well-functioning body. Pilates full body exercises are biomechanically correct and joint friendly. 


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Pilates for fitness & Seniors